Projects Completed

Below is a sample of some projects we have completed.

Dual gate controller with motor overload detection using load v position profiling, variable speed control, position encoder.
Remote control receiver and transmitter systems using propriety and Keeloq formats.
Inductive loop vehicle detector.
Wireless data logger for monitoring and recording screw pile loads and stresses during driving (screw piles used for building foundations).
RS485 Networked beverage and food chilling controller and monitoring system. With early fault detection, data logger and dial in remote access.
Coin operated controllers for vacuum cleaners, solariums, internet kiosk connections, etc.
Handheld terminal with graphic display and SD flash card. Used to configure, diagnose, backup/restore data and boot-load new firmware. Used with a range of products including various motor control boards and remote control receivers, etc.
Hydraulic brake system for triple axle disc brake trailers. Maintains hydraulic pressure for normal operation and automatically activates brakes when trailer "breaks away" from vehicle.
Networked liquor and beverage dispensing, monitoring and auditing system with remote access.
Chicken shed HVAC controller. Controller monitors and controls climate via remote I/O modules over Modbus network.
Fuel injector controller for after market turbo charger conversions
Building level instrument. Used to measure relative floor levels around a building so that a map of underlying ground subsidence can be produced.